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I posted on /r/writing and found out

Updated: May 24, 2023

The world of book publishing is no stranger to controversy, but the latest intersection with crypto and NFTs has taken things to a whole new level. Some say it's a way to give authors more control and fair compensation, while others argue it's just a scam to make more money.

One user on Reddit even compared it to a gold rush without any real gold. Ouch.

But let's not forget the potential environmental impact of crypto/NFTs. It's like trying to

save the planet by driving a Hummer. Or is it? (Note: It's not. But it's funny.)

And what about the elitist nature of it all? Only those who can afford to buy NFTs can access certain books or editions. It's like a literary version of the Hunger Games.

But hey, at least it's not AI generators churning out different versions of the same story. That would be inauthentic and easily glutted. (Right? I'm looking at you Benji. )

In the end, it's up to each author to decide if they want to jump on the crypto/NFT bandwagon or stick to the traditional publishing model. Just don't expect everyone to be on board with the latest internet fad.

As one user put it, "Stop trying to make fetch happen, it isn't going to happen."

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