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The Lightshy Crow

Tomrin Watersipper is a shy young man living in a world where men with magical powers grow scales on their chests, known as the Leviathan's Mark. These scales grant power, but also require the men to turn themselves over to the similarly empowered women of the Daughters of Heaven's Glory or become censors, men who protect the peace in the name of the dragon-like gods known as the Serath. Tomrin is struggling with his own mark, which has grown large enough that he must remove it, but the glass shop where he works is in financial trouble. To make matters worse, his half-brother Rennly, a newly minted censor, murders a boy and sets his sights on destroying Tomrin and taking his place as the great son of the Watersipper family. As Tomrin fights to protect the glass shop and its workers, he is forced to confront his brother and confront his own destiny as the Lightshy Crow, the foretold destroyer of his mother's people. Along the way, he teams up with Margretta, a shadowy woman with her own motivations, and faces off against the Daughters and censors who are tracking him down. Will Tomrin be able to embrace his powers and overcome the challenges in his path, or will he succumb to the dangers that threaten him at every turn?

About The Lightshy Crow

John R Raymond's first book, The Lightshy Crow was written last of his books in The Scarab Cycle. It follows the exploits of Tomrin Watersipper, a young man afraid of growing close to anyone as they might find out his secret and turn on him.

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