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It is Time for NATO to Invoke Article 5

it is time for article 5
Article 5? It's time.

Should Russia and Belarus desire conflict with the West, it may be time to confront them.

If our reluctance to face the Russian forces on the battlefield stems from a lack of courage, as they continue their nightly reign of terror, killing women and children, then perhaps it is time for us in the West to rise to the occasion.

We cannot allow fear to paralyze us when we are called to defend the defenseless. History will not only judge us as evil and corrupt if we remain inactive, but it will also condemn us for our inaction.

Inaction is no longer an option. Russia is guilty of atrocities, including rape, torture, and the kidnapping of women and children.

And how do we respond? We in the West express concern because Russia possesses nuclear weapons. Yet, we too have nuclear weapons, and more importantly, we have justice on our side. If we fail to support Ukraine with troops on the ground and aircraft in the sky, we are just as culpable as the Russian forces attacking Ukraine and threatening NATO's borders with cross-border incursions, which should trigger Article 5.

The time has come to invoke Article 5. The aggressors in Ukraine must be expelled if peace is to be restored in Europe. This war, initiated by Russia, is illegal, and the time has come for intervention. If Russia wishes to engage NATO, the responsibility lies with them.

They have the option to withdraw at any time.

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