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Dear Robert Costello: Fuck You! Just, Fuck You!

Shut the fuck up, Robert Costello, you little shit!

Fuck you, Robert Costello. Fuck you! Of all the fuckwit asshole dipshits in this world in no way did we need you to perform your shitheel routine for the world thoroughly shat on by worthless pissants like you and your false idol Trump. We hear enough horseshit from propagandist bullshit merchants without needing to sniff the rotten odor of your overflowing urinal mouth and backed up toilet face.

Ass-twerps like you are the dogshit on the shoes of society. You and defendant Donald J. Trump deserve each other. I cannot wait for the day you suffer a similar fate. You, like him, are an enormous shitbag. 

Being such a shitbag you think that you should be elevated so as to shit all over everything. Fuck you, you entitled prick. Go fuck yourself thinking that you are somehow better than everyone else. Go fuck yourself for making us all learn what bullshit you had to say. Go fuck yourself for wasting all our time with listening to the dung coming out of your stupid fucking face!

You had no fucking right to weasel your way into the limelight you fucking piece of human garbage. You are a cancer of the worst order, an odious boil on Donald Trump’s scrotum, a turd clinging to his ass hairs. You and and everyone like you can go fuck yourself inside out. But especially you. 

So Robert Costello, fuck off, and never come back!


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